Secret of Horror


Secret of Horror

Secret of Horror

There is a story of a boy who was terrified at night and went on this path to avenge his sister. In this story, we will know what is the secret of its horror. In this story, there are events happening in our society / country nowadays.


God save me __ look don't come near me please stay away from me __ God save me me __ no don't touch me no __ where are you all __ stay away from me god don't touch me __ "
Whoever she was was constantly crying, screaming and calling to her Lord and she was standing in front of the animal in human skin coming to him with filth in his eyes.

"Allah save me __ please send me help someone __ someone save me __ Allah please don't let me be disgraced __"

Now she was asking for help from her Lord. She started to move forward. He reached out to pull her handkerchief.
He sat up in a hurry and took a deep breath. Sweat-soaked. Even in this cold, he was feeling suffocated. The lights of the room were already on. He never slept with the lights off. It had been five years. This is the dream he used to have __ This dream used to deprive him of sleep __ This girl's screams would not let him sleep __ He ​​turned on the remaining lights in the room and drank water and emptied the whole jug __ Every time after this dream he was in the same condition so he had stopped sleeping at night. But how long did he not sleep? Today he fell asleep due to fatigue. After this dream, one thing calmed him down. It hurts __ Hearing their screams made him forget the screams of the girl in the dream __ He ​​went out of the room and picked up the car keys and walked towards the car __

After all, who was that girl? What did this dream have to do with her? Why did she hate sleep? Why was she terrified of the night? What was the secret of her horror?Screams of blood were spreading fear everywhere and that devil was watching the people in front of him suffering with self-pleasure. The screams of the people calmed him down. He was relieved to see them suffering. He was sitting in his torture house at that time. People were tied to chairs whose faces looked like they had been beaten so badly and now they were presented to Tiger Bha who was now getting up and slowly moving towards them like a lion enjoying his prey. Growing up, he stopped at a place where he had everything to torture. He picked up a knife and, holding a pliers in one hand, approached him and sat down on the chair in front of him.

"Now tell me, how many people have you robbed using my name? And yes, the most important thing is who told you to use my name?"

He asked them in a cold tone. With a cold tone like ice, a thrill ran through the bodies of all the people standing there.

"No one told us to swear."
They both spoke together. They could see their death in front of them.

Tiger grabbed one hand and grabbed his little finger and pulled out his nails. A heartbreaking scream came out of his mouth. Now he was slowly tearing all his nails. Both hands and feet then he moved towards the other. He did the same thing. Wajid, standing behind him, stepped forward to stop him. Now he was regretting. He would have shot them as soon as he met them. He would have escaped from this torment. Then whatever he did with him, at least Does not __

"Those tigers will just die ..."
Wajid put his hand on her shoulder and grabbed her arm and lifted her from there.

Tiger saw him and then shot them both with his hand. Then he moved towards Wajid. Wajid thought for a moment that he would shoot him too but he gave him the hand with the gun and threw the gun out. Moved to __

"Take away their corpses. Let everyone know. The result of working using my name will be even worse. Wajid, stop groaning in pain like girls now, otherwise I will leave you here."

He first said to his companions, then to Wajid, who was holding his nose and looking at him with anger in his eyes, he was looking at him, he muttered and followed him, no one was far from him, he was here with these bodies in the torture house He would stop and run and they both left. Now Tiger was feeling better.

Some people were using his name to get involved in illegal drugs and child trafficking, which led to the police pursuing him, but he did not care about the police. He only cared about his name. The name was getting worse, otherwise people would have known so much about Tiger. No matter how much Tiger did wrong, he never sold women and children. He was not as bad as he is said to be.

A girl got out of the car wearing a white suit and a scarf around her neck
Wearing big light blue eyes, thick eyelids, raised nose, in which she wore a beautiful nose color, white color like milk, skin, long hair was left open, she looked like a glass doll, she was laughing at something, she knew her beauty. Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power.

Tiger, who was leaving the hotel at the time, stopped to look at the girl as if his whole world had stopped. Now the girl was giving gifts to the begging children at the signal and then sat there with them in her lap holding a little girl. He sat down and held a balloon in his hand. A child was laughing and looking very beautiful. His guard was standing with him. Tiger was looking at this girl who was a stranger from all around him. He did not understand the color of his clothes. Or this girl's __

"Let's go, it's getting late__"
One of his employees said that Tiger came back to the conscious world with the voice of the employee.

"Yes, let's go!"

Shaking his head, he sat in the car and left, but left his heart here.


"What's the matter with this drug dealer? Did you talk? Look, I have to finish this thing quickly. I don't know how many innocent children he has involved in this dirty work."

Hadi asked Hadid why he was getting so angry.

"Yes, I have spoken, but man, so soon you have stopped trusting me to tell me who is in your place or who is above it. They work comfortably. He has to give me some money today, which he has given in the university and hostel." He wants to send it. Tell me, can you catch him today? "
Hadid said that Hadi was arrogant. It had been three months since the transfer of Hadi but no evidence had been found so far.
Hadi and Hadid were behind a drug mafia that wanted to destroy our young generation, the first of whom was named Tiger.

Tiger was involved in every wrongdoing, whether it was drugs, illegal weapons, buying or killing someone. No one but Tiger did this job so neatly. He did not leave a single piece of evidence behind. Is__


"Namal Bibi, let's go home, sir's phone has come"

The poor driver has been talking to Namal for a long time, but he did the same thing to Namal who obeyed someone.

"Good uncle, let's go, you haven't come yet __ and tell Baba, today is my birthday, today let me spend the day with him __"

Today was Namal's birthday. Every year for three years, she would celebrate her birthday with begging children at the signal. Then she would go to an old age home. She did the same today, but Baba always called her back before evening. Were__

"We have to go before we go to Bibi Hadi Sahib's house. If he doesn't tell you anything, he will start scolding me."
The driver said helplessly, then Namal laughed. Seeing his form, it was like this every time since Hadi was transferred. Raaz used to scold his great uncle (driver) because of Namal.

"Come on, uncle, you don't either __ by the way, you don't remember, nor am I angry with my brother __ man, there is a limit, how can he forget my birthday, he forgot my birthday, if he forgot my birthday."
Namal was angry with her brother. Her brother did not tame her at night. According to Namal, it was a great sin.


Iftikhar Ahmed and Shazia Begum had two children. Hadi and Namal Hadi were police officers and Namal had just cleared college and was now free. She had no intention of studying further. She was five years younger than Namal Hadi. Her eyes were beautiful. She was light blue __ Shazia Begum because she was a Pathan, her eye color was also light blue ن Namal had taken her eye color from her __ while Hadi's eyes were light brown __ and everyone's love Hadi doesn't even let her feel hot air He would not let a single tear fall from his eye. If someone scolded Namal even a little, Hadi would fight with him.

"Where are you? Where are you, my friend?"
Tiger was looking for his sister all over the house.

"I'm here upstairs __ what happened? And how many times have you said come and make me something you like __"
The sound came from the terrace.

"I just forget, man, every time __ and the thing is, I like it, you know, I don't like everything made by your hands __"
Tiger said to himself like a small child, as if he was delighted with his performance.

"Well, I can make it for my brother __ first tell me how did you miss your sister today?" And look at this hair, what do you do with your hair that you can't cut all day? "

Shazina said coming down and saw her long hair which was imprisoned in pony.

"Repent, you have grown up with so much hard work. I will cut it like this. I will run away. Where will I run away from the cut hair here?"
Tiger said and went to the kitchen with him.

"You leave it all now __ how many times have you said my soul my whole attention is on you what is kept in all this __"

Shazina was aware of his work and stopped him every time, but he did the same tiger that he heard from someone.

"That's what you have to do, I'll go __ you know I won't leave, why do you say __ unless I avenge the little one __ and don't worry, it's not easy to reach me __ I can't see where the doll is ? "

Tiger finished speaking and asked for his light.

"She must be sitting here somewhere doing a phone standby. You were also forbidden to take the phone. There is a chance that you will hear something in the case of Zarnur. She does not read or do anything properly. "

Shazina complained to Noor but she forgot __ Tiger doesn't say anything to her doll still laughs and poor Shazina nods __

"Hahahahahaha you are my daughter __ she should be like this __ don't scold her you too __ no one has the right to scold my Zarnur __"

When Tiger spoke in support of Zarnoor, Shazina just sighed and started cooking.
"Get married, Tiger, now you don't want to hear denials this time."

People were drinking tea after the meal when Shazina started another nonsense topic. In the name of marriage, the same face that she had just seen on the signal came before Tiger's eyes again.

"Can anyone be so beautiful? Who would want to forget themselves?"

When Tiger was lost in thought, Shazina saw Tiger who was smiling. Her eyes were shining. Shazina felt that she saw someone else. Because Tiger rarely smiled. Shazina prayed for her brother's smile to be safe in her heart. A prayer came from her heart. Her brother always kept smiling.

"What's the matter, Tiger? Who made my brother forget himself?"
Shazina said mischievously and Tiger stared at her
"Istaghfarullah !! I was saying the same thing to myself or not __"
Tiger scratched his ear and said __

"You don't talk like that. Tell me who she is. I will go to her house today to have a relationship."
It was as if Shazina was ready.

"Allah Allah! You are nothing like that __ Just today I saw a fairy __ What can I say you are so beautiful __ So beautiful you __! I feel like there can be no one more beautiful in the world than you __ Your friend has not forgotten me Going to them __ When I saw them I thought if I looked at them a little longer they would look at me __ "

Tiger was talking about it with a lot of love __ and Shazina was looking at her brother with such amazement __ where his brother didn't look up at a woman __ where he was talking about a girl so crazy Was__

"Tiger, if you say so, I'll go to his house to talk to you."
Shazina said seriously now __ she wanted her brother's house to be settled now __

"Do you think someone will give me your daughter? Let a thug like me stay? You look like he's from a big house. He had a guard with him. So when people go out of their daughter's house, his Send a guard with them __ they'll get her married to a guy like me __ so it's better you don't do anything __ and as for me, if it's a matter of my heart, I'll get it __ "

Tiger said to Shazina, then Shazina sadly saw her brother who was now sitting in a trance, one night her younger brother had become Tiger __ had changed his life __

"Don't think so, my dear. My brother is great. People say anything. I know you're not doing anything bad."

When Shazina explained it to him, Tiger became arrogant and left. Shazina was watching her brother go with sadness.


"Where's Mama Namal?"
Hadi asked as he entered the house __ he knew Namal was angry with him __ he really forgot Namal's birthday this time because of the case __

"I don't know when you will learn to greet."

Leaving the kitchen, Shazia Begum said that she was not in the habit of greeting Hadi at all.

"Islam and peace be upon you! Sorry mama __ you know if the ant is not seen in the house then I don't like it at all __ where is he?

Hadi asked him again. He was in the habit of looking at the ant as soon as he entered the house. If he came back late at night, he would still sit and look at the sleeping ant. The ant was very sensitive in his case. He was the one who kept the guard to protect the ant.

"He's in his room __ and he's very angry with you __ he's forbidden the guide to come into his room __ and yes he hasn't eaten anything since morning __"

Her mum told her __ and got busy because it was moving __ Namal would get angry with Hadi and lock herself in the room __ and Hadi would get upset in the process of celebrating her __

"Mama, I'll take care of her. You do something. Make something for her. Leave her alone. I'll order pizza for her. And where is this Sakina? No, who here listens to me? "

Hadi first said to Mama and then asked Khansaman about Sakina. The poor people were confused about her. Now Sakina was not well. His face was towards the ant's room.

"Ants, my dear, open the door__"
Namal was sitting in her room when Hadi knocked on the door.
But Namal was still sitting. Hadi was constantly sniffing. Namal got up and opened the door. But without looking at Hadi, she went to bed and turned around. Hadi entered the room behind her. A glance at her room. Dali, whose fate had been ruined. All the furniture in the room was scattered on the ground below. The bed sheet was also rolling on half the ground and the precious perfumes were lying on the broken ground and crying over her worthlessness. He thought he would be persuaded __ but seeing the condition of the room he realized that this time Namal could hardly believe it but still Hadi went to him and sat down under the bed __ and turned his face towards him to catch his ear __ but Namal did his best Hadi turned her face to the other side. Then Hadi turned Namal's face towards him with one hand.

"I'm sorry, doll. I didn't swear. It just got out of my mind. I'm sorry, Princess. For the last time. I won't forget the promise. Please, doll."
Hadi apologized again but Namal's mouth was still swollen.

"It's your day __ every year you forget __ this time the limit is your brother __ I'm not talking to you __ and yes don't sit down like this you __ get up where you were __ there is a limit man who is your little sister's birthday Abdul Hadi Iftikhar, who has not been forgiven, forgets.

Namal said angrily and angrily and got up and left. Hadi was taking his anger lightly. The weather was very cloudy here. Well, he shook his head and went after her. Namal was sitting on the swing in the lawn. He sat down and at the same time the employee brought pizza. Namal's intention was bad but he turned to the other side. Hadi knew what pizza was in front of him. Hadi knew that pizza was Namal's weakness. Pizza and goulash. But Hadi would not let him eat goulash. Once upon a time, the nature of ants was spoiled by eating gossip. Since then, ants have been forbidden to eat gossips.

"Look, I've ordered pizza for my doll. Don't believe me now, Princess. Look how delicious it is. Let's open my mouth quickly."

Hadi put a slice of pizza in front of his mouth and said __ And just the ant's anger sat like foam and when he opened his mouth Hadi fed him pizza __

"It was the last time I knew you would do this again, so I would never talk to you again."

Namal threatened him and Hadi put his hand on his chest and bowed his head slightly.

"Roger Boss"
He said and went inside for her. Now that her anger had subsided, she came and sat down with everyone.


Tiger was sitting in his house at that time. It had been two days since he had seen this girl but she had not gone away from his thoughts. When he slept, his dreams would come. When he opened his eyes, it was as if she was in front of him.

"I have to do something now__"
He took out his phone while thinking __ and called Wajid __ Wajid was his only friend with whom he used to talk, even today he called to tell him the state of his heart __

The call was picked up on the second bell __ and Wajid's voice came from the speaker __

"Oh, today Tiger Bha has called us himself. Our luck is clear."

Wajid joked as soon as he picked up the call.

"You're done! Now listen, my friend. I think I'm in love. I don't know what to do."

Tiger spoke without answering her __ Wajid was silent for two minutes after hearing this __ then his laughter echoed from the speaker and he started laughing. Tiger stared at the phone in surprise __

"What are you saying hahahaha you have fallen in love __ Tiger Bha has fallen in love __ Who is that unfortunate I mean lucky who has struck Tiger Bha in the heart?"

Wajid laughed and said __

"I'm not kidding Waji __ I don't understand how life seems to be deserted without them now __ so let me know who they are and tell me man I'm not coming to Waji __"

Tiger said helplessly __ so Wajid realized the seriousness of the matter __

"Tell them a good name."
Wajid asked the name__

"Don't know__"
Tiger said and Wajid stared at the phone.

"Where does the good live?"
Wajid asked again.

"Don't know__"
Tiger then replied in the negative

"You know what __! Donkeys don't know names or anything else so how do you find them __"
Wajid patted his forehead __ he knew now akar bha said then we have to find him __ Wajid was in the police and Tiger used to tell him the same thing all the time __ sometimes someone's address, sometimes according to Tiger, such things are done by the police in a legitimate way. That's why he used to call Wajid.

(It wasn't that bad either)

"I don't know. If you do anything, I'll find him. And the sooner he does it, the better. I'll keep it for you now."

It was as Wajid had thought __ Now you had to find this girl Wajid thought __


"How does Mama look?"

Namal asked Mama __ who was getting ready in her room at the time __ her Mama was looking very cute wearing a delicate dress of cream color __

"God willing, my daughter looks like a princess."

Mama hit him on the head with the money and gave his charity to the maid standing nearby. At the same time Hadi entered the room. He also took out the money and grabbed Namal. Namal gave the money to the maid. Was__
(Charity averts troubles__)

"Let's be Mama Princess Ready?"

Hadi told the two of them and the three of them went out __ where the guards were standing with the door open for them ہ Hadi first sat Namal __ then took the driving seat himself بعد after Mama Baba sat down they left __
Today, at the request of Hadi Namal, he was taking these people to have dinner. He was suffering the consequences of forgetting his birthday. He is still poor.


Tiger's car was parked in front of a restaurant. He was getting out of the car when he got out of the car which had deprived him of sleep. The world of the heart was shaking __ Tiger started smiling when he saw her but the next moment his smile disappeared when he saw Hadi's hand in the girl's hand __ He ​​knew Hadi and at last he was looking at his case __ Hadi There was more hatred than ever.

"Let's go__"
Wajid put his hand on her shoulder and said Tiger regained consciousness __ but he was still looking in front of where she had passed __

"Who was this with Hadi Sahib?"
Tiger looked at the front and said __ So Wajid followed his gaze but there was no one there __ He ​​thought Tiger has gone mad __

"Where is Hadi Sir?"
Wajid asked him __ so he went inside without answering __

"Let's meet this guide __ I haven't met Tiger yet __"

Tiger said and Wajid stared at him

"Hey donkey, you have a good mind. If you see me with your head, you will shoot me here."

Wajid's words were still in the middle when Tiger went inside __ his face was towards Hadi people's table __ before he reached there he heard the laughter of Namal __ who was laughing at something of Hadi __ he laughed a lot of Namal It was lovely but he didn't like to laugh at Hadi's words. Now he stopped at his table.

"Islam and peace be upon you Inspector Abdul Hadi Iftikhar __ !! I am happy to see you here __ you know me well I will still introduce you Uncle I am a tiger __"

Tiger used to say something else that Hadi got angry but couldn't do anything. Namal grabbed his hand. Namal had seen Tiger on news channels. He was scared of Tiger anyway. Now he talked to his brother in front of him. I was doing__

"Brother please don't __"
Tears fell from Namal's eyes __ Here Hadi tightened his grip on her hand __ Here her tears felt Tiger falling on her heart __ Her heart tried to pick her tears from her hands but he could not __

"Princess nothing happened __ I am not as long as I am nothing will happen I don't believe in my brother __ (Tiger smiled at his brother saying this is Inspector Hadi's sister and what did I think) I will talk doll __ then we Let's have dinner. Don't cry anymore. You're OK. "

Hadi wiped away her tears and turned to Tiger who was now looking at her.

"We are also happy to see you here, Tiger Bha. But what is it? You have not come at the wrong time. It is family time, so I hope you will not disturb us. And if we meet, we will continue to meet, Tiger Bha."

He smiled at Hadi's words and dimples appeared on his cheeks. Ants who were watching him became horrified by his dimples.

"GG, of course Hadi Sahib __ you spend time with your family __ well is this your sister?"
Tiger answered and asked about the ant. So Hadi clenched his fists which Tiger had seen.

"Relax Inspector __ I was asking because the guy sitting in front of me is looking at them with malice in his eyes __ came in the weight __"

Tiger raised his hand and walked towards the boy who was looking at the ant.

"What's the matter, why are you looking at them?"
Tiger stopped at his table and said the boy took over.

"No, no, I don't see __"

The boy's tongue fluttered because there was nothing he could do in front of Tiger Hadi and Namal.

"Don't even look, she's mine."

He said this slowly and proceeded. Then Hadi turned towards them and pointed to the waiter.

"Order two dolls__"

Seeing Namal lost in thought, Namal started looking at the menu. Hadi looked at Baba who was about to say something, but Hadi told him to be quiet.

to be continued__ !!

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