On Way Return واپسی!

Short stories

On Way Return  واپسی!


That room was completely dark, it was impossible to see anything in the room, that room was a hostel, the best university in the area, the best university in the overcrowded area of ​​Islamabad with a name. ,

The bright light of the morning illuminated the room to some extent. In addition to the rest of the equipment, there were four beings in the room. Shaan, Momin, Rehan and Hammad.
Someone was sleeping on the bed with his face upside down, someone was down, it was not a normal night's sleep, but they were talking for a long time all four nights, about their own lives. Cigarette butts lying on the table were telling something else. Just then a horrible sound hit all four hearing which was the alarm from the believer's mobile phone.

But there is a chance that lice crawl on the ears of all four of them.
The four of them slept soundly, until twelve o'clock in the afternoon.
One by one, the four of them began to get up.

The new problem was breakfast, because he stopped having breakfast in the mess now, he had two more hours for lunch, and he was in a bad state of hunger. This problem was soon solved by Shaan's wisdom. Went to Food Street.

After a hearty breakfast, Bill Rehan paid. All four came from good families. Studying in a hostel away from home was necessary because of the distance.

Momin and Sean were pursuing a master's degree in business studies, while Hammad and Rehan were in the final year of their studies in the law department. Rehan wanted to be a capable lawyer like his father, while Hammad chose the profession as an amateur.

After finishing his meal, Hammad was the first to get up from the table and eat fresh air.
As soon as he went out, he started looking at the beautiful mountains of Daman Koh around the hotel. This place was one of his favorite places. Whenever he came here, he would spend some time in this place. He started thinking about the beauty of the surroundings. How beautifully he made them, the proud mountain, and how he adorned even the smallest branches with beautiful leaves, he was standing in awe at this beautiful sight when a voice came to his ears,

That voice was very soft, but also very effective, very carefully Hammad tried to listen to this voice, it was the sound of someone muttering something,

Hammad paid more attention to that voice, and understood only a few words.

"He is God."

Looking back and forth, he saw an old man in the distance. As he got closer to them, his voice became clearer.

"Even if it doesn't show up,
All that is seen is God. "

He had approached them, but the old man was lost in his words. Hammad was a stranger with a distinguished personality, dressed in ordinary clothes, sitting on a bench some distance outside one of the most expensive restaurants. Curious, he was a man of about forty-five or fifty years of age with an influential voice.

His voice was very heavy and influential, Hammad was imprisoned for a while under the influence of his voice.
Hammad was so lost in the word that he did not know when the word ended.
The sound had ceased, and when they saw Hammad in front of them, they turned to him,

"What are you looking at?" He said with a faint smile.

Hammad was startled and hurried to answer them to hide his embarrassment.

"No, it's actually a good place. I come here often. I heard your voice and came to see it. But your voice is really good."

"Just son, what a place to praise him, what a place, that caste is everywhere, but when you really remember this beautiful caste, if the place becomes beautiful, then the effect increases."
It was deep, and true,
Hammad was impressed by his words.

But reading such words, he was compelled by curiosity to ask.

"Of course,
But I've been here many times, I've never seen you. "

"It's only been a few days since I came here. My son and I keep coming here for work and then I was destined to meet you today. So get it. By the way, they call me Kaleem Allah. Now you know something about yourself. Shall I tell you? ”He replied with a slight smile.

"My name is Hamad, Uncle. I've been in this city for a long time, studying law. It's the last year."

"So you are the lower of the future."
"Yes," said Hammad briefly.

"Well Great Gentleman, I Hope You Will Remain Faithful in Your Profession"

Hammad nodded and smiled, then said goodbye to him and walked towards Rehan, the believer. Without knowing it, he is still in the shadow of someone's deep eyes.


I am Hammad, a man who has everything in life, every comfort, every blessing, but a strange uneasiness. It is very rare, but when it does, it hears my existence. Anxiety-free, weird.
I am a very ordinary person, who can easily be inclined towards any evil, I am a person who just wants to know why he exists in this world, or which way he is traveling. Is, and what is its origin !!!
Right now I am probably at the beginning, where every evil exists, but there is no trap in which I can imprison myself, I can get away from these evils. Everything is strange now but maybe one day I will find that trap too. Will go into which I will imprison myself wholeheartedly.

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